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Güven Logisitics was founded by “Senti.” on Nov 19, 2021. Our founding goal is to create an environment where the game can be played, have fun and make new friends. We organize weekly entertaining events and convoys. With our expert staff, we find instant answers to your problems and we do not bore people too much. Join us and enjoy the game!

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We make your TruckersMP experience better.

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Scheduled Calendar

Güven Logistics creates exciting calendars for every month! and you have the opportunity to plan in advance for these important events! Check out our calendar!

Special Events

Get ready for unforgettable moments! Be a part of our community and participate in fun, unique events to witness surprising moments with special events organized by Güven Logistics. We are waiting for you to have a pleasant time!

Experienced Staff Team

Join us and benefit from our Experienced Staff Team! Güven Logistics' professional and experienced staff is here to provide quick solutions to your questions and make our community a better place. Move forward with our team working to offer you the best experience!

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Güven Logistics

Güven Logistics, known by the call sign "Senti," officially came into existence on November 19, 2021. Our inception was marked by a shared vision: to establish an immersive gaming environment that not only facilitates gameplay but also fosters camaraderie among its members. At the heart of our founding principles is the belief that gaming should be an enjoyable experience, complemented by the opportunity to forge new friendships.


We take pride in curating a dynamic community where members can partake in weekly engaging events and convoys. Our commitment to creating a vibrant atmosphere extends beyond the digital realm, transcending the boundaries of traditional gaming communities. The objective is to not only enhance your gaming experience but also to provide a platform where lasting connections can be formed.


At Güven Logistics, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff members are at your disposal, ready to provide instant solutions to any challenges you may encounter. We prioritize efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring that your experience with us is seamless and enjoyable. Our ethos revolves around striking the perfect balance between addressing concerns promptly and maintaining an atmosphere that is far from mundane.


Embrace the opportunity to be a part of our growing community, where the spirit of gaming is celebrated, friendships are forged, and entertainment knows no bounds. Join us on this exciting journey, and let's collectively redefine what it means to enjoy the game!

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Müşteri Görüşleri

What Drivers Say About Us

"I joined Güven Logistics in 2021. Joining Güven Logistics was not only a job, but also an opportunity to establish an emotional bond. What makes every moment I spend here valuable is the friendships I have made with the other members and the memories we have made together."

Semih Kutluk




We are proud to announce that, as Güven Logistics, we are in close cooperation with Sky Group. This collaboration aims to deliver a unique experience in the logistics industry, combined with quality service and community values. This collaboration aims to create not only a partnership but also a family between Güven Logistics and Sky Group. We are happy to go on this exciting journey with you, our valued drivers!

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Join Güven Logistics and step into pleasant convoys, fun events and beautiful friendships! Safe driving, experienced team and a constantly developing environment await you. Apply now to join this exciting journey and be a part of large truck convoys. Are you ready to explore the roads together?

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